Will it fit Picture & 3D Pickleball Paddle Butt cap

Picture Butt Cap will fit into the circle on your paddle butt cap. Make sure it is a flat surface or the picture butt cap will not adhere well. Diameter of the paddles will have to be at least 29mm or ~1.1 inches. Paddles like Joola will have a removable sticker.

Paddle brands that has compatible paddles:

Head, Armour, Diadem, CRBN, Franklin, Onix, Babolat, Electrum, Oneshot, GRUVN, The Best Paddle, Third Shot Drop, TOPP, Wild Monkeys, PB Pro & Joola.

Things to know

Flat surface is required. Raised logo like Wilson W will not fit and the sticker will not adhear well.

If you aren’t sure that your racket is compatible, send us an email at [email protected] and we will let you know!